21 April 2007


On Show #357: They Are Going to Get Paid for It

'Katie's Notebook' item cribbed from WS Journal (Kurtz, Post)

Of the places you'll go, is the library still one of them? (WSJ article)

Howard Kurtz's Imus amnesia (FAIR)

...the end of the podcasting boom?

...overhyped, over-funded, not as popular with consumers...

07 April 2007


On Show #355: Wuv That Web

Wildlife of Tasmania: Tasmanian Devil

AKA Houdini

StolenID Search


'Backscatter' X-ray Screening Technology

X-ray Backscatter Technology and Your Personal Privacy

Media Portrayals of Girls and Women

Facts for Consumers: If You've Got The Look, Look Out! Avoiding Modeling Scams

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