30 April 2005


On Show #57: Web Watchin'

Outdoor Advertising Database


Canadian Tourism Commission


Find a library near you [and probably search their catalogue, too!], using lib-web-cats, or LibDex

27 April 2005


On Show #55: Stream of Consciousness 3

Opera Web Browser


On Show #54: Stream of Consciousness 2

Sirius OutQ

Frank DeCaro

Doria Biddle

XM Satellite Radio

26 April 2005


On Show #53: Stream of Consciousness 1

Dawn & Drew Show
    4/22/05 Edition

Song: "Podcast Star"

20 April 2005


On Show #50: Some Books, Some Web Sites



TV-Turnoff Network

17 April 2005


On Show #48: Internet News

Podscope Search Engine

Dirty Dozen Spam Producing Countries

11 April 2005


On Show #46: National Library Week!

Campaign for America's Libraries

Survey Results, Tattoos and the Library

The Modified Librarian

Tattooed Librarians

08 April 2005


On Show #44: Loose Ends to Tie

The Link between Wages and Appearance

07 April 2005


On Show #43:Commuting & Podcasting - the Stats

Census Bureau on Commuting

Podcasting Catches On (Pew Internet & American Life Project)


On Show #42: Showbiz Funhouse

Desperate Housewives, Egos and Vanity Fair

Kidman "Hits the Wall?"

Britney, and more Britney

06 April 2005


On Shows #40 & 41: Understanding Radio

Arbitron Survey Schedule

Salon series on Clear Channel

Rolling Stone on Clear Channel

WSJ: Radio tries new tune: play more songs

BBC Radio

Sirius Satellite Radio

XM Satellite Radio

Radio Paradise

02 April 2005


On Show #39: More Cool Web Sites

Librarians' Index to the Internet

Resource Shelf

Sleeping in Airports

Fuel Cost Calculator


Vivisimo Search

Clusty Search

American Library Association (ALA)


On Show #38: Miscellany

SUNshine Girl

Sophie - 3/1/05 SUNshine Girl

Lisa - 4/1/05 SUNshine Girl

Tag Body Spray


How to Wash Your Face Properly

How to Wax Your Ass

Please remember that I'm just reporting these to you. This doesn't constitute an endorsement or encouragement to have a meal while listening or clicking!


On Show #37: A Prestigious Invitation

Television Preview Co.


On Show #36: No People Like Show People


  on Lindsay, Wilmer, and Carmine

  on Madonna's age, look, and marriage

  on Goldie


On Show #35: At the Store & On the Road

Wild Oats

Whole Foods

Soy Dream Vanilla (Blue Container)


Smart Deli

Gerolsteiner Mineral Water


On Show #33: Rehab & Chili Reception

Fast Food Nation


On Show #32: And Yet More Showbiz News

Madonna & Guy

Britney - Points-of-Interest

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