30 June 2005


On Show #101: Gotta Lighten-Up

Rebeka Reed
  Her Home Page
  Her Work at GarageBand.com

Jake Novak
Dr. Alan Ray
Jim Barach

29 June 2005


On Show #99: More On Cruise

   Healthy Minds. Healthy Lives.
   From the American Psychiatric Association

26 June 2005


On Show #98: More Yentertainment News


22 June 2005


On Show #93: Web Watchin' & I'm Thinkin' of You

Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Food Marketing Institute's Top 50 Shoplifted Items

History of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month


Astrobiology Magazine

21 June 2005


On Show #91: Media News Yupdate

Free Press
Media reform through outreach,
activism, lobbying and networking

18 June 2005


On Show #90: Father's Day +

Father's Day Facts from the US Census Bureau

13 June 2005


On Show #88: Change of Pace

The Lackloves

10 June 2005


On Show #78: In the Neighbourhood

Noise Free America

08 June 2005


On Show #84: Some More News


05 June 2005


On Show #82: Web Sights

National Weather Service

Hoover's Online

MRQE: Movie Review Query Engine

FOLDOC: Free Online Dictionary of Computing


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