31 July 2005


On Show #121: Showbiz Yupdate 2

Tara and Paris Partying in St. Tropez

30 July 2005


On Show #119: News 2

Cellphone Risks: Now it's your eyes

24 July 2005


On Show #117: More Listener Mail & Show Notes

The Rick A. Ross Institute
for the Study of Destructive Cults,
Controversial Groups and Movements


23 July 2005


On Show #115: Some Books, Some Web Sites

AddAll Book Search & Price Comparison


16 July 2005


On Show #110: Time Out

Paul Sforza

Bill Press

10 July 2005


On Show # 109: Summertime and the Web Sites are Easy

rcdb: Roller Coaster Database

Testing the Waters: a Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches

AFI's 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes

Trailers of Historically Significant Films

02 July 2005


On Show #103: Not So Good..........Day

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