13 September 2009


On Show #443: Oooh, That Web

The First Photograph

Movie Review Intelligence

Early Advertising of the West, 1817-1918


11 July 2009


On Show #439: Get Busy?

Why being busy has become a status symbol
(article read)

Busyness: a modern badge of honour (news release)

09 May 2009


On Show # 434: Webliography

The Aloha Shirt

The History of Mother's Day

Vita Herring Products

Annoying Music

How Long Can You Go Without Food? Hunger Strikes 101

Twitter and Status Updating



The Museum of Public Relations

Barbie Fiftieth Anniversary: History

28 March 2009


On Show #429: Oh Hi Visibility

Glassy Eyes

01 November 2008


On Show #417: You Just Talk

Wikipedia: Herb Jepko

RW Online: Jepko's Was a Gentle Voice in the Night


06 September 2008


On Show #413: Site-Seeing

Origins of Bingo

Internet Pinball Database


Bring Your Own Bag

Solving the Diaper Dilemma

The CND Logo

Listen to Nature: The Language of Birds

17 May 2008


On Show #406: Yappellations

SSA: Baby Names

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